The Hate In You Kills You!

Have you ever hated somebody so much that whenever you see that person you wish to stab him? Have you put the time into plotting a destruction plan against somebody? Have you prayed ill for someone? Then, darling, you are destroying yourself! Let me explain a very simple concept to you guys today! And here I am going to rant some science and philosophy. When … Continue reading The Hate In You Kills You!

#1 Food for brain and Wine for heart!

Every day is the most difficult day of our life. It sometimes feels like we are stuck in this survival game since the existence of time and all of us are running in random directions to find an end to this never-ending game. Happiness, love, and warmth are the emotions that give us bonus points in this game and increase our energy tank to full … Continue reading #1 Food for brain and Wine for heart!