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I become the Knight

I Stand amongst the dark night
I become a knight
I walk with the bluntly sharp sword
My Shield is love,
and only Love

The path is a little foggy
The forest denser than what I had thought of
My body is fragile
The heart though has the strength of the mighty Mountain

I live in the womb of words
I was born in a rhythm of divine poetry
I dance back and forth in verses
My skin tone is a shade of ink

Call me what you will
I will in the enclosed space create a dream
Without doors and windows
My room yet shall always remain bright

I Stand amongst the dark night
I become a knight.


– Dharti Shethiya


He is He!

I have loved beyond the boundaries of love!
I have cried beyond the boundaries of pain!
I have cared beyond the boundaries of affection!
And that darling has been the root cause of my own destruction!