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When You touch My Skin

And sometimes
when you touch my skin
and a wave of goosebumps
are dancing on the top of my skin

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you hold me tight
and the breathless heart
falls in love with the divine suffocation

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you look at me
and every part of my soul
feels like the most beautiful being

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!!


Your Girl,

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I fear Love

Walk Into My Life
And hold my trembling fingers

Steady my shaky hands
Pamper this terrified heart, my dear

I fear love today…


Sit beside me today

And listen to my untold plead

Sing a lullaby to me

Let the fear in me go to sleep

I fear love today…


Hold my hand wantingly

And let me draw circles on your palm

Caress me in your arms

Let the spell of your breath dance

I fear love today….


  • Dharti Shethiya
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Shame on Me!

Cover your face it has a color of shame
Call me a racist but I hate that shade
Look at your stumbling feet
You seem to have lost your pride
Stay at home, another pair following steps
are right behind!

“Sshhhh, my baby”
“Ssssshhh, meri bachi”
Is this what he said?
Shut your mouth!
Is this what he said?

Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another girl
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another boy
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another old lady
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another child
Another… Another… Another!!!

Hold your breath, my friend,
It is too loud!
It has the power to scream
and somewhere, some devil will hear you
He will chase you
He will find you
and he will dine on you!
You may never know my friend, he may also invite his friends to have a piece of you!
They will slowly tame you
get the cycle going
Rape, assault, murder
Rape, assault, murder

Someone somewhere will light a candle
with the hope that sweet little flame will get you justice
with a hope that a small march will get you justice


But Can I scream, shout and say
The word justice is too far away
Whom do I save you from
Humanity has now changed Its form

I have seen a father burn his daughter
I have seen a mother kill her son
I have seen a brother Rape his sister
I have seen a sister assault her brother

I have seen it all
I have heard it all
To hope for humanity
Is an insane call

All I can do is
Make a promise!

So I promise you, my sister, that we will meet in the sky
and it won’t hurt in places anymore
The monster once drawled

So I promise you, my brother, that we will meet in the sky
and it won’t be a scar to masculinity
please do not let the tear dry

So I promise you, my friend, that we will STAY in the sky
and never go back to the land
where humanity died


Your human,



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Me, Fearless!

Dreams are now
Goals are now
Life seems a little
But we too are


Many times we drown ourselves in the thoughts of tomorrow. A fear that things might not go according to our perfect plan and that we might end up losing the only thing we have been fighting for since such a long time. And if I have to very honest with you guys, there is no guarantee about it either. But I know one thing, no matter how many times we fall! We will all find our strength to stand up again and keep moving! Just remember to Chant a million times that

Dreams are now
Goals are now
Life seems a little
But we too are

Keep moving love, success will meet you somewhere midway!

Your Girl,

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Scared of love!

Love has always been my temple. An emotion, a feeling, and the energy I have believed in. Even when I could not touch it, could not point it or worst, even when I could not explain it!
And here I am

Of all the things ever
I am scared of being in love today!

my hands are shivery
there is a lump in my throat!
my eyes are watery
as if love is now my demote!

every thought now seems distorted
and the vision extra blurry
Every song now seems extorted
and the heart extra needy

of all the things ever
I am afraid of love today.
Of all the things ever
I am afraid of love today!

it has held me in chains
I can never break!
a deep scar
that won’t even faint!

it has promises
and its heavyweights
it has a memory lane
and it’s favorite traits!

of all the things ever
I am afraid of love today.
Of all the things ever
I am afraid of love today!


Here I am
Closing my eyes
and trying to  be in
real kind of love again!


Your Girl,




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My Alphabetical Poetry!

Often left on Bookshelf, waiting
My story is skipped, its baiting

My screams in these words, abating
My own chapters, debating

I am so tired of these constant blaming
Now all of me is

There is so much blabbering
its Badgering
But I am bantering

Though My own existence is
it’s calculating
trying captivating!

But all the people out there are
it’s deprecating
I am denotating!

But all of you wait and watch me
I’m educating
See me escalating!

Though its fluctuating
my life is fabricating
It fascinating!

So, pause!

My story is in a grating
It’s generating
I am graduating!

While the world is hallucinating
they are hesitating
but I am hyphenating!

Stop imitating
it’s irritating
I am insulating!

Oh wait,
The J is missing
my rhyme is breaking
this one is Juxtaposing!

uh, the K is not knitting
its almost killing
The rhyme is kicking

It’s time for legislating
I am liberating
It’s Levitating

So now let’s start moderating
my success navigating 
my thoughts are Oscillating
I am still Permeating

Slow down!

There is so much questioning
But its time for rebating
no time for sedating!

My work is tabulating
look it’s undulating
so all those who need validating
It’s time to end your waiting!

So you can see that
my story is now xeroxing
my book is now yawling
and its time to end my zapping!


(tried something new, let me know what you guys think about it)

Your Girl,






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Sentenced to Death!

I was punished in jail
for the crime, I did in vain

I was put behind the bars
and the Jailor said
” Love is a sin, my son
now death awaits!
You have done a crime, my son
now faith awaits!”

As I walk through the cells
my fellow prisoners’ eyes fell
I could feel the pity
As their eyes swell!

They murmured about love
in a whisper that everyone could hear
They called me a sinister
how dare I make someone dear

But I kept walking my walk
with the hope that love is there to hold me
And tell her that world was full of fools
with hearts hating love and people are killing lovers pride

You changed and your words did too
now everything they said started to make sense too

My heart became heavier
and I cannot move my feet
The Garland of love
Is now the end of my world!

And darling,
I was sentenced to death
when our eyes met!


Your Girl,


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The Lying Truth!

For the love that I do not poses and still give
I feel like a cold wind in the summer heat

I stand on the ice on Christmas Eve
I can see it melting, making a lake beneath!

I have often given care to the ones that have hated
I have often seen a magical spell being cast in the air I have breathed

I crawl slowly through the dark night
but the red love is still visible
I have stayed quiet during the noisy day
but the shadow is inevitable

But what happens if I try to change my fate
will love still seem same to my eyes and it’s frame

But what happens if try to change my fate
Will the lie die and reality change?

I often have seen the struggle of doers
I often have seen the failures of doers

I often have seen the happiness of success
I often have seen the empty journey it prevails

But I am this, the love in all the hate!
But I am this, The truth that is written on the empty slate!

but I let the thoughts wander
and still, give the love I don’t possess

but I let the world wonder
and let them call me a lying truth!



Your Girl,


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He is He!

Have you ever loved more than how much you should?
Have ever been fooled by the heart when it called something stupid good?
Have you ever been sad about losing something that was never really yours?

Because I have!
And it hurts!

I have loved beyond the boundaries of love!
I have cried beyond the boundaries of pain!
I have cared beyond the boundaries of affection!
And that darling has been the root cause of my own destruction!

He was passion
He was love
He was he
and maybe that is why he is everything I need!

I used to look at him
as God’s finest creation!
But you left me
keeping me in a state of castration!

He was he,
And I was me!
And that made me stay hopelessly in love with him!
Even after all the pain, he brings in!

So here I am
Still hoping
Still dreaming
And still wanting him

So here I am
Still loving
Still caring
and still praying for him!

I now decide to fight
not against him
But my own desire!

I now would no more try
to receive love
that isn’t mine!

So darling let me tell you one last time!
Even after all these painful nights!
I am still going to believe
In all your lies,
In all your cries
and try to find traces of me
in all your poetic rhymes

You may now not see me
holding your back
but trust me
I will still be praying
for your success every night!

After all,
You are you
and that would always be true
In my heart
No one can ever replace you!

So baby lets wave goodbye
and kill all my hopes tonight.
Because I am done with love
and all its worldly lies!

– Dharti Shethiya


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The Long Short Year


76 days past the beginning of 2018 and so many things have changed in this short time span of a year that seems incredibly long! Most of us have fallen in and out of love already! Our new year resolutions are nowhere in the picture. Just not the weekdays, we are now cursing the weekends too! So to all of you feeling this right now, I want to remind you guys that we still have 289 days more to change everything about 2018!


You know when we are in love with somebody we go beyond our own limits of patience, understanding, and lifestyle too just to be with them. We understand them, we listen to them, we go out of ways just to be with them and at the end when we get the love we have given comes back to us, it is the best feeling ever, isn’t it? So in a similar way, if you love your dreams, the story of your life will change forever!

Go beyond your own limit and work hard, do everything you possibly and impossibly can to be with that one dream of yours! Go out of your way, try to understand the situation and act accordingly, plan things out and make sure that no matter what you meet your dream at least once daily!

Honestly speaking, I am not really sure when will you reach the final destination but I am sure that you will reach!
The journey is going to be terrible, you might want to give up completely! People around you will start calling you crazy and your dream, a bad idea. But like a true lover, you will have to hold on to your dream and make it a reality. And for all of that, today is the best day to start again!


And just like a kiss from your lover takes you to heaven, a kiss back from your hard work and dedication will make your life a heaven!

So wake up, wish your dream a good morning and hug her tight! Make her your entire world and see how she changes your life forever! Make your dream your lover!

Keep Working! Keep dreaming! Stay blessed!

Your Girl,


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