Shame on Me!

Cover your face it has a color of shame Call me a racist but I hate that shade Look at your stumbling feet You seem to have lost your pride Stay at home, another pair following steps are right behind! “Sshhhh, my baby” “Ssssshhh, meri bachi” Is this what he said? Shut your mouth! STOP SCREAMING! STOP TALKING! STOP WHISPERING! STOP BREATHING! Is this what … Continue reading Shame on Me!

My Alphabetical Poetry!

Often left on Bookshelf, waiting My story is skipped, its baiting My screams in these words, abating My own chapters, debating I am so tired of these constant blaming Now all of me is aggravating agitating annotating! There is so much blabbering its Badgering But I am bantering Though My own existence is complicating it’s calculating trying captivating! But all the people out there are dominating … Continue reading My Alphabetical Poetry!