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Love That is yet to Be Found!

August has come out to become a month where all I can think about is self-growth and impeccable love that one should have for self. And as my head dwelled upon the concept of self-love and growth a small poem got came dancing inside my head.

“A seed I am that fell to the ground
Let love breathe within
And let all the veins feel emotions
and dreams survive beyond the dream…

– Dharti Shethiya ”

Isn’t this what we exactly wish for others when we love them and think of their well being. So why not wish the same for self.

Work, hustle, financial growth and everything else is important but we seldom forget that none of these would be worth if you are not happy inside. Forcing yourself into something will never lead to mental stability.

So my darlings let us take a step beyond and work upon happiness and find things that help you find content within.

do something different, let’s run after happiness and inner well being and every other desire and dreams of yours will manifest itself naturally.

tell me in the comments below or write to me about what helps you be you and what is happiness to you?

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Your girl,


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When Everyday Is A Restart!

Its 1st of August today and we are done with more than half of 2019 and it is now the right time to review the month and check on self and understand how far have taken our dreams and how much have we worked on self-growth and self-love.

So let’s do something together.

Let us make a list of all the things that we did year-round that we remember and feel is an important part of what you are today and how you feel at the moment. These memories or events or memories can be anything. It can be good, bad, awkward, happy, heartbreaking or even things that made you potentially angry.

when you write this beside every event mentioned write about its impact and whether it had a positive or negative impact on you. Not only this kind of self-analysis will help you understand yourself and your growth better but will also help you create a guide that will help you avoid things that break you and list out things that have nurtured you as an individual.

If you want you can create two different lists one for self and the other solely for business or work life or Education. But this at this point it is super essential as it will decide a lot about how will your future years’ functions and what exactly needs to be done.

I know its a time taking process but do not forget it an investment on self and the growth that you have been looking for.

So, ladies and gentlemen lets together hustle, grow and be our support system. Let us together create the change within our-self and around our-self so that we create a life that we have been wanting and make life grand.

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All the best, love!

Your girl,
Dharti Shethiya

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I hope a dream finds you tonight!

I hope a dream finds you tonight
And in awe, you sleep
for those little hope
These closed eyes give
Will find a home in you, when opened.

Among the trampled edges and damp souls
your bright soul shines
Among the twisted faces and roofless homes
your dreams fly!

They will find you where the world meets
They will find you where hopes breathe
for they are lost in the fog of sorrow
for they to crave a soul that believes

The smiles will hover in the air
the love will hide in your hair
your heart will dance
and the mind sing
when the dream will find a home
in you!

I hope a dream finds you tonight
And in awe, you sleep
for those little hope
These closed eyes give
Will find a home in you, when opened.


your girl,


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Me, Fearless!

Dreams are now
Goals are now
Life seems a little
But we too are


Many times we drown ourselves in the thoughts of tomorrow. A fear that things might not go according to our perfect plan and that we might end up losing the only thing we have been fighting for since such a long time. And if I have to very honest with you guys, there is no guarantee about it either. But I know one thing, no matter how many times we fall! We will all find our strength to stand up again and keep moving! Just remember to Chant a million times that

Dreams are now
Goals are now
Life seems a little
But we too are

Keep moving love, success will meet you somewhere midway!

Your Girl,

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Just 1 Milimeter Away!

Have you ever dreamt of achieving something and ended up wanting to give up?
Have ever thought that you have reached the crux and now there is nothing more left to dig?
Did you a goal that excited you but now no more seems achievable?

Let me tell you this one thing friend!
You were only 1 millimeter away when you gave up,
You had to dig only 1 more millimeter to reach your goal,
You had to walk only one more millimeter to be where you wanted to be!

But baby you gave up, you lacked passion!

It is still not late, you can still try! We can start from the very beginning. It is going to be hard. Easy is not an option, you may be 25 right now and you have to take up a job to make some money but your dreams will be sacrificed if you do a job. At 40 suddenly giving up everything and following your dream is going to take a lot of strength. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

You have to make your decision as per your dream and all these decisions must be reflected in your actions and these actions will take you 1 millimeter closer to your goal!

Find out the people who do it, see how they do it better than you! what do they have in them that make them better than the rest of the world!

This is a good time to start, stop waiting for perfect time, day or moment! Now is the time! No opportunities must be wasted! there are 86,400 seconds in a day and that is a lot of time if you make a good use of it!


So keep moving, remember you are only 1 millimeter away!

While I will always here to listen to you, to help you grow and give you the push that you need!
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Your Girl,

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No Body Cares About you!

Today early in the morning I had a conversation with one of my good friends. Well, it was mostly about him crying and complaining that nobody cares about him and that he is tired of walking alone and all those rants that even you often go about too! So I thought I should share with you what I told him because all of us need to hear this and understand this for own development!

First thing first, Nobody Cares about your dreams, all they think about is their ROI on your dreams. For example Parents: How will you run this house with that much money, life partner: I do not think we can have a stable life with this passion of yours, etc etc!

The point is people will try to find their comfort zone in your dreams, and if they won’t be able to find it, they are going to reject, deny and lower your dream!

You know yourself better than others, you know what is good and bad for you! You know who is good and bad for you and you know what is the good bad IN you! Do not wait for a motivator to come and tell you to start working on your dream, or to come and tell you why self-discipline is important or tell you why drugs are bad and you must not do them!


It’s your dream, it’s your passion and it must be your brain too! Set in the value system of your life, the value system of your dream, of your business and of your relationship with others! bringing in the self-discipline does not mean you are free, it rather means that unlike others you know what is important for your own growth and that it is the only thing that will help you to be true to yourself!

Life is what you make of it guys! You can either sit and complain or get up and get going. Either of them will decide where will you be 10years from now. So choose wisely!



Your Girl,

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The Hate In You Kills You!

Have you ever hated somebody so much that whenever you see that person you wish to stab him?
Have you put the time into plotting a destruction plan against somebody?
Have you prayed ill for someone?
Then, darling, you are destroying yourself!

Let me explain a very simple concept to you guys today!
And here I am going to rant some science and philosophy.

When you hate someone with all your heart and mind. You are putting yourself into a lot of negative energy. This kind of negativity ruins your immune system, gives you negative mood swings and most importantly it makes you a terrible person.
Ask yourself, is this who you are? Does your heart really agree to this? does your value system agree to this?

I know there might be some really strong reason for you to hate that person so much. s/he might have done something unforgivably wrong to you. But, is your action rightful?
What will be the difference between you two if you too act the same way?

And above all, is that person really worth the time and energy that you are putting in for hating that person?

I am not asking you to forget everything and move on! Remember the person, remember the lesson, be wiser next time, but also, forgive that person. Forgiveness will give you the kind of internal peace that you can’t even imagine!

Or else talk to somebody about it, vent out for feelings!

If you feel you have nobody, write to me, I promise I will read every word and reply but vent things out!

If you want to write to me, here is my email address for you guys:

But sweety move on, negativity brings no good to anyone!

Your Girl,

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He is He!

Have you ever loved more than how much you should?
Have ever been fooled by the heart when it called something stupid good?
Have you ever been sad about losing something that was never really yours?

Because I have!
And it hurts!

I have loved beyond the boundaries of love!
I have cried beyond the boundaries of pain!
I have cared beyond the boundaries of affection!
And that darling has been the root cause of my own destruction!

He was passion
He was love
He was he
and maybe that is why he is everything I need!

I used to look at him
as God’s finest creation!
But you left me
keeping me in a state of castration!

He was he,
And I was me!
And that made me stay hopelessly in love with him!
Even after all the pain, he brings in!

So here I am
Still hoping
Still dreaming
And still wanting him

So here I am
Still loving
Still caring
and still praying for him!

I now decide to fight
not against him
But my own desire!

I now would no more try
to receive love
that isn’t mine!

So darling let me tell you one last time!
Even after all these painful nights!
I am still going to believe
In all your lies,
In all your cries
and try to find traces of me
in all your poetic rhymes

You may now not see me
holding your back
but trust me
I will still be praying
for your success every night!

After all,
You are you
and that would always be true
In my heart
No one can ever replace you!

So baby lets wave goodbye
and kill all my hopes tonight.
Because I am done with love
and all its worldly lies!

– Dharti Shethiya

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The Long Short Year


76 days past the beginning of 2018 and so many things have changed in this short time span of a year that seems incredibly long! Most of us have fallen in and out of love already! Our new year resolutions are nowhere in the picture. Just not the weekdays, we are now cursing the weekends too! So to all of you feeling this right now, I want to remind you guys that we still have 289 days more to change everything about 2018!


You know when we are in love with somebody we go beyond our own limits of patience, understanding, and lifestyle too just to be with them. We understand them, we listen to them, we go out of ways just to be with them and at the end when we get the love we have given comes back to us, it is the best feeling ever, isn’t it? So in a similar way, if you love your dreams, the story of your life will change forever!

Go beyond your own limit and work hard, do everything you possibly and impossibly can to be with that one dream of yours! Go out of your way, try to understand the situation and act accordingly, plan things out and make sure that no matter what you meet your dream at least once daily!

Honestly speaking, I am not really sure when will you reach the final destination but I am sure that you will reach!
The journey is going to be terrible, you might want to give up completely! People around you will start calling you crazy and your dream, a bad idea. But like a true lover, you will have to hold on to your dream and make it a reality. And for all of that, today is the best day to start again!


And just like a kiss from your lover takes you to heaven, a kiss back from your hard work and dedication will make your life a heaven!

So wake up, wish your dream a good morning and hug her tight! Make her your entire world and see how she changes your life forever! Make your dream your lover!

Keep Working! Keep dreaming! Stay blessed!

Your Girl,


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My obsession with the word ‘I’

I was 6 when I learned about friendship
I was 7 when I learned about love
I was 8 when I learned about forever
I was 9 when I learned about marriage
I was 10 when I learned about Fights
I was 11 when I learned about goodbyes
I was 12 when I learned about separations
I was 13 when I learned about tears of pain
I was 14 when I learned there is a world outside
I was 15 when I learned about heart breaks
I was 16 when I learned about the reality of life
I was 17 when I discovered myself
I was 18 when I understood myself
I was 19 when I found out how important it is to love my own self
I was 20 when I started dreaming and setting life goals
I was 21 when my priority list started with ‘I’
I was 22 when I became a fighter, a fighter for my own dreams
And today,
I am 23, and I am wearing an armor, holding a sword and willing to go against the whole damn world
for my small dream of touching the sky!
for I know I am way beyond these small obstacles!
and I believe in my self
and my ability to do so!

I have learned to get up with more strength after every little fall!


This is me, raw, real and rarely common!
I am obsessed with ‘I’ because if I am not, nobody else will!


I hope you are too!