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I fear Love

Walk Into My Life
And hold my trembling fingers

Steady my shaky hands
Pamper this terrified heart, my dear

I fear love today…


Sit beside me today

And listen to my untold plead

Sing a lullaby to me

Let the fear in me go to sleep

I fear love today…


Hold my hand wantingly

And let me draw circles on your palm

Caress me in your arms

Let the spell of your breath dance

I fear love today….


  • Dharti Shethiya
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The Left, The Right, and The Middle!

Today I want to give you people some food for thought! Something that I have been stuck with for a very long period of time. Honestly speaking, this should have been the easiest question to answer ever and my lack of knowledge about my own self-makes it almost impossible to figure things out and to find the middle of the argument inside my head!

The Question is:
What is my larger purpose in life?

I am in college at the present moment trying to figure out the best business idea, trying to figure out the way to become a zillionaire, trying to figure out the way to become the businessman I always wanted to be. But the only difficulty in choosing one out of the 1000s of available groundbreaking options is my lack of self-knowledge.
I do not know what is that one thing in my life that I want to do! I do not know what is that one thing in my life that will give me happiness and satisfaction beyond worldly pleasures! And honestly speaking I do not know if money is really what I want!

I have been running in circles and trying to find an end to this never-ending chase of the ‘Right Idea.’ There have been times where I have been randomly going from left to right to the front and then back again and have called this chaotic run a journey so that if not me at least people looking at me can call this a journey!

But one thing I have gained in this Chaos is self-awareness. At this moment while I sit here writing this blog I am completely aware of my chaos, about my question and about my ‘journey.’ And I am sure that down the line I will find my end goal and my larger purpose!

For now, I want to write, communicate and express. I want to connect to people not to network with them for business but to help them and most importantly, myself grow from within! I want to re-define the concept of emotions in this growing robotic world!

What do you guys Feel? Have you too been a living Chaos, running left, right and middle to find the right path?

Write to me about your story of this Chaotic journey @

Your Girl,

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I wish I was a poet!

At times, I wish I was a poet
So that every word I utter is rhythmic
So that every line I write is poetic
where every poem I write has depth and meaning!

but all I am is human!
but all I write is feelings!

But I am not a Poet
I do not know
how to do magic with words,
I do not know
how to make room for me where Shakespeare sits!


but I will try,
I surely will!

I will try to find the path to your heart!
I will knock your heart’s door a couple of times
and pamper the storm of emotions you are going through!


but I will try,
I surely will!
to make you smile!

I will take you through the memory lane
make you feel, all over again, those forbidden emotions!

Do not worry,
It will be beautiful
to love the pain and not hate the past!


but, always remember!
I am not a poet
I am not at all master of words!
all I am is a human!

I have felt the pain you’re going through
and maybe that is why I can read it in your deep eyes
I have scars on my soul too
and maybe that is why I can see it on you through your thick skin too!

I am just another you,
I am just a part of you!
I am nothing but you!
I am you!

– Dharti Shethiya!