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When You touch My Skin

And sometimes
when you touch my skin
and a wave of goosebumps
are dancing on the top of my skin

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you hold me tight
and the breathless heart
falls in love with the divine suffocation

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you look at me
and every part of my soul
feels like the most beautiful being

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!!


Your Girl,

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The Space and Time Of Love!

If I have to write about the Love and how I fell for you
I would go back to space and time when I first saw you
Your face marked the glow of the sun
Your hair defined the power of wind
Your posture as if a mountain’s pride
and your soul as if God’s own smile

If I have to write about Love and how I feel for you
I would go back to space and time when our eyes met
I was as attached as the earth was to the sun
I was as entangled as trees of a ruthless forest
I was as mesmerized as a devotee to the view of his God
and as much in love as Shiv had for Sati

If I had to write about love and how I think about you
I would go back to space and time when you were away from me
My eyes craved your view like a hungry man craves food
my soul craved your energy like a dying man craves breath
My heart craved your love like a tree craves the morning sun
and I craved the presence of you like a lover craves the love

Even when I write about love and how it is only you
I find myself lost in Space and Time to find moments of eternal love I possess for you
My every breath, my every beat
lives for you and bows to you
I bow my head and stand with a heart in my hand
I, a devotee of love find my God in the eyes that you have


In love,
Your Girl,



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Sentenced to Death!

I was punished in jail
for the crime, I did in vain

I was put behind the bars
and the Jailor said
” Love is a sin, my son
now death awaits!
You have done a crime, my son
now faith awaits!”

As I walk through the cells
my fellow prisoners’ eyes fell
I could feel the pity
As their eyes swell!

They murmured about love
in a whisper that everyone could hear
They called me a sinister
how dare I make someone dear

But I kept walking my walk
with the hope that love is there to hold me
And tell her that world was full of fools
with hearts hating love and people are killing lovers pride

You changed and your words did too
now everything they said started to make sense too

My heart became heavier
and I cannot move my feet
The Garland of love
Is now the end of my world!

And darling,
I was sentenced to death
when our eyes met!


Your Girl,


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He is He!

Have you ever loved more than how much you should?
Have ever been fooled by the heart when it called something stupid good?
Have you ever been sad about losing something that was never really yours?

Because I have!
And it hurts!

I have loved beyond the boundaries of love!
I have cried beyond the boundaries of pain!
I have cared beyond the boundaries of affection!
And that darling has been the root cause of my own destruction!

He was passion
He was love
He was he
and maybe that is why he is everything I need!

I used to look at him
as God’s finest creation!
But you left me
keeping me in a state of castration!

He was he,
And I was me!
And that made me stay hopelessly in love with him!
Even after all the pain, he brings in!

So here I am
Still hoping
Still dreaming
And still wanting him

So here I am
Still loving
Still caring
and still praying for him!

I now decide to fight
not against him
But my own desire!

I now would no more try
to receive love
that isn’t mine!

So darling let me tell you one last time!
Even after all these painful nights!
I am still going to believe
In all your lies,
In all your cries
and try to find traces of me
in all your poetic rhymes

You may now not see me
holding your back
but trust me
I will still be praying
for your success every night!

After all,
You are you
and that would always be true
In my heart
No one can ever replace you!

So baby lets wave goodbye
and kill all my hopes tonight.
Because I am done with love
and all its worldly lies!

– Dharti Shethiya