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I fear Love

Walk Into My Life
And hold my trembling fingers

Steady my shaky hands
Pamper this terrified heart, my dear

I fear love today…


Sit beside me today

And listen to my untold plead

Sing a lullaby to me

Let the fear in me go to sleep

I fear love today…


Hold my hand wantingly

And let me draw circles on your palm

Caress me in your arms

Let the spell of your breath dance

I fear love today….


  • Dharti Shethiya
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Recipe To A Perfect Relationship!

A relationship is the most lovely dish you can possibly serve yourself. This dish is available with a lot of variety and, feel free to choose whatever serves you the best. This can be served to your Boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, brother/sister, friend and even parents. The recipe, however, remains the same!


A relationship requires a lot more than just Love to survive! It is a dish made from thousands of ingredients served differently daily!
So here is the secret recipe for you:

  1. First, preheat your heart with a lot of RESPECT for that person, cause without respect for each other nothing can last for a long period of time and a dish like this needs to be preserved for the lifetime!
  2. now chop LOVE into very fine pieces and distribute it throughout the day, week, month, year and lifetime. This is the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient and must be clearly visible.
  3. Melt 2 cups of FAITH and TRUST for the person and be the support system that they need to grow. Be the shoulder they need and the hand they can hold. You need to give what you want! It is a 2-way process!
  4. Now take a bowl full of CARE and mix it with faith and trust and mix it well. These three together are going to give you the flavor of LOVE as needed!
  5. As the mix is ready, Add COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY of thoughts to it, for a lot of future decisions and some major and minor steps, it is important that both of you remain at same page! So speak up for and to each other!

Now put yourself in it will all your baggage and ask him to jump in with his baggage, because what is love without both of you all in?

SO here you are, now you know how it is cooked. Make many such for yourself and let me know how it tastes!

Stay in love guys!!!


Your Girl,


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Today’s blog is a little special! It’s about MANISM! Before I start talking about what Manism is let me tell you what it is not!

It is not this:

To all my lovely readers who are too lazy to click and read that, manism according to that article means departed spirit and a lot of other superstitions which do not stand true for this account!

We chose Manism as a word in support of feminism!

Manisim is something which me and my best friend, Siddhi Narkar thought about over one of our never-ending phone calls! We realized how people have defined feminism according to their own need and how lost we are in our fight to support girl love and punish the wrong men that we have completely forgotten the men/boys with righteous heart, mind, and behavior! We noticed that while everyone was writing thank you poems for mom and wishing her women’s day/ mother’s day/ Valentine day, our dads were still working with no thank yous and I love you!

So we decided to open an Instagram account called MANISM (you can click on Manism to follow us on Instagram)

While I write about it would also love to share certain values that we will be following on our account!

They are as follows:

  1. We will never disrespect or troll the other genders! We respect you and would never try trolling any of you guys!
  2. We only stand in support of men with righteous mind, heart, and behavior. We respect their struggle and journey and that does not mean that we allow or overlook the people with inappropriate behavior!
  3. We believe a man must express, feel, dream and must receive the love, care and get pampered like a girl does! They may have physical strength more than female but that in no way means their emotional strength must be overlooked!

So, that’s about it! We only stand by right and while everyone is standing for the girls I would like to stand for all the three! Because love is never partial and the heart does not feel differently just because it is placed in a different body!

Here is the link to our Instagram page:

Show some love!

Your Girl,

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Day 5: Youth v/s Professionalism

Youth and its professionalism are one of the most debated topics amongst the industrialist, business owners, schools, and colleges. The very word youth brings to our mind a group of youngsters who have an uncontrollable energy with a lethal combination of creative heads and pathless careers. This generation is somehow labeled as one of the most unprofessional, unethical and of course useless generation. But what exactly are the points of which this professionalism is judged and rated?

Here are 7 reasons why I believe we are called ‘Unprofessional’

1. “Suits” v/s “Hoodies”
I know you got a hint of what I am going to speak about. But this is one of the important factors in the business world to judge people also know as Lets-judge-his-work-by-his-clothes. Cause, of course, the quality of work is directly proportional to your clothes.
Defending the youth here, I would like to say that we know how to create our priority list. For us what work we deliver to you is more important than the way we look cause we have known many pretty faces with empty heads and many bad covers with pretty content. Remember the lesson of “Not to judge a book by its cover?”
But I also won’t deny the fact that many times no matter how amazing your work is, your self-presentation also plays an important role.

2. Access Code: ETHICS!

A code of ethics is been followed in Professional environments to guide the conducts of members of the association. I would happily agree that these code of conduct guides one with acceptable behavior, core values, and professional boundaries but it also somehow it also results in abuse of power and bullying of weaker.
The ‘Youth’ does not really care about your professional designation in a company or the seven-figure bank account you have. They will respect you if you respect them. They will look at your work and make you a role model if your work speaks to them.

3. The Increasing interest in ‘Revolution’

Revolution, change, innovation, evolution, experimentation call it whatever you want, it, by any name is an important element for the growth of business and its gradual developments. There are many businessmen who show resistance to change and call this needed revolution as an unwanted, risky and stupid idea.
The youth has a mind just like a coal mine. I may not be pretty right now but if these coals are nurtured properly, you can turn it into the most expensive diamond one has ever seen.
Let them experiment! If they fail, they learn. If they succeed, you earn!


I know this generation thinks differently, acts weirdly and speaks shit! But if business minds like you believe in the likes of us, trust me, our energy, and your experience, our idea, and your correction can bring in the revolution and change the industry forever.

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Day 4: Society and everything wrong with it!

I know the moment you read the title a series of ending thoughts, complaints and rants started going through your head. But, let me tell you this one important thing! Whatever you are thinking, is abso-f**king-lutely right.

Most of our rants have some strong bases. They either come from something that we have experienced, seen or read about. But, what are we actually doing to change the things? Are you really fighting against the unjust on children or underprivileged or even on your friends? Or is it that your solution to all their problems is, “Everything is going yo fine soon.” Basically, words that are good to my ears but do nothing great to my life!


Here, My Dear Friends, I wish to highlight something that we see every day but happily ignore!

  1. We the INDEPENDENT creatures!
    Knowingly or unknowingly we have become dependent on technology. This baby, that we gave birth to with so many expectations, is in reality, outgrowing us!
    we have become SLAVE to its existence!




2. Food of LIKES!

Social media has now become the most essential factor for survival followed by food, clothing, and shelter.  I have seen people feeling restless because of the lesser number of like on their profile picture and people committing suicide because of some comment on their online content!



3. Words without feels!

I have seen couples put long captions on cute pictures of each other and how much they miss each other when apart. It is super cute and I do feel jealous at times too but I start feeling better as soon as I see them in real life.
Stuck on the phone, have nothing to talk about and barely know each other. Love is lost in the words and sex has become easily available. The connection is lost in the world of connectivity!!


4. The Illusion of Perfection!

The Internet has created an illusion of perfection! Slim body, perfect hair, sculpted face and lavish lifestyle! We all are trapped in this illusion. We are so much in love with the idea of someone else that we forget to love ourselves. Craving for own good is alright, but idealizing something which not even real but a mere mirage is wrong!
So love your own self, your surrounding, and your life!


5. The ruthless rulers!

We all have gotten used to a lifestyle where we are ruled instead of getting guidance and almost all our activities are dependent on reactions of others. One of the biggest rulers we have had is our parents. They mold us, break us, make us and above all life decisions are dependent on them!
be there for them but do not be dependent on them!