I Stand amongst the dark night
I become a knight
I walk with the bluntly sharp sword
My Shield is love,
and only Love

The path is a little foggy
The forest denser than what I had thought of
My body is fragile
The heart though has the strength of the mighty Mountain

I live in the womb of words
I was born in a rhythm of divine poetry
I dance back and forth in verses
My skin tone is a shade of ink

Call me what you will
I will in the enclosed space create a dream
Without doors and windows
My room yet shall always remain bright

I Stand amongst the dark night
I become a knight.


– Dharti Shethiya


I become the Knight

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Love, fail and Love again and fail again.

Love is the only thought running through my head from early morning and mind you it is love and not the lover.
Questions like,
Why did I fall for this guy?
What attracts me in this particular person?
Why do you I usually fight on this particular topic?
Why do I willing for guys with a particular mindset?

And all this is because I recently discovered that there is a consistent pattern in the guys I have had dated before. And therefore it was very important for me to do a certain kind of analysis to understand the pattern I created for my own destruction.

And this is what came to my Head


So the thing with every relationship or any kind of dating is that the base is to all is that first guy I had dated.


My trust issues, my insecurities, me being scared of commitment it all comes from the same one relationship that I had and now I have start working on those aspects of it and actually grow along with those limitations.


Have you analyzed what decides the longevity or failure of your relationships?


Tell me in the comment section below and or write to me about it on shethiyadharti@gmail.com

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Love That is yet to Be Found!

August has come out to become a month where all I can think about is self-growth and impeccable love that one should have for self. And as my head dwelled upon the concept of self-love and growth a small poem got came dancing inside my head.

“A seed I am that fell to the ground
Let love breathe within
And let all the veins feel emotions
and dreams survive beyond the dream…

– Dharti Shethiya ”

Isn’t this what we exactly wish for others when we love them and think of their well being. So why not wish the same for self.

Work, hustle, financial growth and everything else is important but we seldom forget that none of these would be worth if you are not happy inside. Forcing yourself into something will never lead to mental stability.

So my darlings let us take a step beyond and work upon happiness and find things that help you find content within.

do something different, let’s run after happiness and inner well being and every other desire and dreams of yours will manifest itself naturally.

tell me in the comments below or write to me about what helps you be you and what is happiness to you?

You can also write to me about it at shethiyadharti@gmail.com

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Your girl,


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When Everyday Is A Restart!

Its 1st of August today and we are done with more than half of 2019 and it is now the right time to review the month and check on self and understand how far have taken our dreams and how much have we worked on self-growth and self-love.

So let’s do something together.

Let us make a list of all the things that we did year-round that we remember and feel is an important part of what you are today and how you feel at the moment. These memories or events or memories can be anything. It can be good, bad, awkward, happy, heartbreaking or even things that made you potentially angry.

when you write this beside every event mentioned write about its impact and whether it had a positive or negative impact on you. Not only this kind of self-analysis will help you understand yourself and your growth better but will also help you create a guide that will help you avoid things that break you and list out things that have nurtured you as an individual.

If you want you can create two different lists one for self and the other solely for business or work life or Education. But this at this point it is super essential as it will decide a lot about how will your future years’ functions and what exactly needs to be done.

I know its a time taking process but do not forget it an investment on self and the growth that you have been looking for.

So, ladies and gentlemen lets together hustle, grow and be our support system. Let us together create the change within our-self and around our-self so that we create a life that we have been wanting and make life grand.

you can also share it with me on my email address: shethiyadharti@gmail.com

All the best, love!

Your girl,
Dharti Shethiya

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When You touch My Skin

And sometimes
when you touch my skin
and a wave of goosebumps
are dancing on the top of my skin

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you hold me tight
and the breathless heart
falls in love with the divine suffocation

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!


And sometimes
when you look at me
and every part of my soul
feels like the most beautiful being

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!

I wonder what good I did to deserve love like yours!!


Your Girl,

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To Read Faces!

To read faces
Means to understand twisted faces

I become aware of dark thoughts
I can see the unwanted tear
I can hear a silent scream
I can love a broken Soul


To read faces
means to understand something unwritten

I can sense a broken heart
I can see the depression’s scar
I can hear the anger roaring
I can love with a dagger in my heart


To read faces
means to be a witness to an undone crime

I can sense a destruction of self
I can see the blood coming out of his chest
I can hear the stabbing of dreams
I can love the terrified being!

Your Girl,




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I hope a dream finds you tonight!

I hope a dream finds you tonight
And in awe, you sleep
for those little hope
These closed eyes give
Will find a home in you, when opened.

Among the trampled edges and damp souls
your bright soul shines
Among the twisted faces and roofless homes
your dreams fly!

They will find you where the world meets
They will find you where hopes breathe
for they are lost in the fog of sorrow
for they to crave a soul that believes

The smiles will hover in the air
the love will hide in your hair
your heart will dance
and the mind sing
when the dream will find a home
in you!

I hope a dream finds you tonight
And in awe, you sleep
for those little hope
These closed eyes give
Will find a home in you, when opened.


your girl,


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What Would I Be Without You?

What Would I Be Without You?

During the days when the Sun is bright
I would be a man walking without his shadow
And at night the Moon would laugh at me
For I might be chasing dogs on the silent street!


I would be a poet without a poetry
and a heart that does not know how to beat
I’d be a burning cigarette without a smoke
I would be the man lost in his own home.

What would I Be if not yours?
Who would I be if not your?
What would I be without your heart?

I would the only still thing during a breezy night
I would be nothing but a pitty sight!
I would be a book without pages and a story without its end,
I would be a hell without any sinner and a heaven without the angle!

And at nights like these,
when your arms are not near
I seldom wonder
What would I be without you?
Who would I be without you?
Where would I be without you?


Your Girl,


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Recipe To A Perfect Relationship!

A relationship is the most lovely dish you can possibly serve yourself. This dish is available with a lot of variety and, feel free to choose whatever serves you the best. This can be served to your Boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, brother/sister, friend and even parents. The recipe, however, remains the same!


A relationship requires a lot more than just Love to survive! It is a dish made from thousands of ingredients served differently daily!
So here is the secret recipe for you:

  1. First, preheat your heart with a lot of RESPECT for that person, cause without respect for each other nothing can last for a long period of time and a dish like this needs to be preserved for the lifetime!
  2. now chop LOVE into very fine pieces and distribute it throughout the day, week, month, year and lifetime. This is the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient and must be clearly visible.
  3. Melt 2 cups of FAITH and TRUST for the person and be the support system that they need to grow. Be the shoulder they need and the hand they can hold. You need to give what you want! It is a 2-way process!
  4. Now take a bowl full of CARE and mix it with faith and trust and mix it well. These three together are going to give you the flavor of LOVE as needed!
  5. As the mix is ready, Add COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY of thoughts to it, for a lot of future decisions and some major and minor steps, it is important that both of you remain at same page! So speak up for and to each other!

Now put yourself in it will all your baggage and ask him to jump in with his baggage, because what is love without both of you all in?

SO here you are, now you know how it is cooked. Make many such for yourself and let me know how it tastes!

Stay in love guys!!!


Your Girl,


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Be A Potato!

You are a Potato!!!

Now when I say that many of you would come with different interpretations of this statement and the most common ones, of course, will be “fat,” “ugly,” and “stupid.” But darling when Potato was never meant to be an insult! How can a vegetable loved by all age groups, behind the existence of French Fries and a savior in every dish be an insult?


For me, Potato means a savior, a kind that mixes with every other kind, the one that holds on to you in cold and in heat and brightens up your mood, no matter what!

So here is a small poetry for my wonderful Potatoes!


Darling, you are so fine
With love flowing in your bloodline
I am glad I can call you mine
And never in your life forget
to be a person like you is a blessing in disguise!
So go kiss the world darling,
toe the line,
You are Potato and you must shine!

(Maybe not the best poem you have read but try to feel the love I have put in it!)

You are a Potato!!!


Your girl,