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I fear Love

Walk Into My Life
And hold my trembling fingers

Steady my shaky hands
Pamper this terrified heart, my dear

I fear love today…


Sit beside me today

And listen to my untold plead

Sing a lullaby to me

Let the fear in me go to sleep

I fear love today…


Hold my hand wantingly

And let me draw circles on your palm

Caress me in your arms

Let the spell of your breath dance

I fear love today….


  • Dharti Shethiya
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Recipe To A Perfect Relationship!

A relationship is the most lovely dish you can possibly serve yourself. This dish is available with a lot of variety and, feel free to choose whatever serves you the best. This can be served to your Boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, brother/sister, friend and even parents. The recipe, however, remains the same!


A relationship requires a lot more than just Love to survive! It is a dish made from thousands of ingredients served differently daily!
So here is the secret recipe for you:

  1. First, preheat your heart with a lot of RESPECT for that person, cause without respect for each other nothing can last for a long period of time and a dish like this needs to be preserved for the lifetime!
  2. now chop LOVE into very fine pieces and distribute it throughout the day, week, month, year and lifetime. This is the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient and must be clearly visible.
  3. Melt 2 cups of FAITH and TRUST for the person and be the support system that they need to grow. Be the shoulder they need and the hand they can hold. You need to give what you want! It is a 2-way process!
  4. Now take a bowl full of CARE and mix it with faith and trust and mix it well. These three together are going to give you the flavor of LOVE as needed!
  5. As the mix is ready, Add COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY of thoughts to it, for a lot of future decisions and some major and minor steps, it is important that both of you remain at same page! So speak up for and to each other!

Now put yourself in it will all your baggage and ask him to jump in with his baggage, because what is love without both of you all in?

SO here you are, now you know how it is cooked. Make many such for yourself and let me know how it tastes!

Stay in love guys!!!


Your Girl,


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My obsession with the word ‘I’

I was 6 when I learned about friendship
I was 7 when I learned about love
I was 8 when I learned about forever
I was 9 when I learned about marriage
I was 10 when I learned about Fights
I was 11 when I learned about goodbyes
I was 12 when I learned about separations
I was 13 when I learned about tears of pain
I was 14 when I learned there is a world outside
I was 15 when I learned about heart breaks
I was 16 when I learned about the reality of life
I was 17 when I discovered myself
I was 18 when I understood myself
I was 19 when I found out how important it is to love my own self
I was 20 when I started dreaming and setting life goals
I was 21 when my priority list started with ‘I’
I was 22 when I became a fighter, a fighter for my own dreams
And today,
I am 23, and I am wearing an armor, holding a sword and willing to go against the whole damn world
for my small dream of touching the sky!
for I know I am way beyond these small obstacles!
and I believe in my self
and my ability to do so!

I have learned to get up with more strength after every little fall!


This is me, raw, real and rarely common!
I am obsessed with ‘I’ because if I am not, nobody else will!


I hope you are too!





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I, The Murderer!

Yes, today I agree I am a murderer
Not once, not twice,
I have been mercy less many a times!

Yes, today I agree I have killed a beloved one
Kissed it with desire
and have stabbed its chest with what we call passion!

I have become stoned
and did not shed a tear
I haven’t cried on the death of my dear!

And don’t you lie
I know you have killed too
and you think that no one knew!

We often kill them in silent
with no drop blood to see!
No eyewitness or evidence to be seen!

My beloved one was the ‘dream to be a writer.’
I killed it with the job that my family desired
I left no witness
as I burned all my books
but my heart still remembers the stone that I have been!

So do not tell me that
you haven’t killed just like me.
A dream, a goal or maybe just a lovers being!

Your passion is dead and you like a zombie indeed.
Killing your own self in the jail of worldly being!

You think you are wise
and the decision was a mighty deed
but my dear friend,
You too are a murderer I think!

You have buried it so well
that nothing of it is to be seen
but baby you and I both know
you have killed a beloved dream!

So if not to the world
at least accept it for yourself
You just like me
are a murderer too!
A murderer of the beloved dream!

– Dharti Shethiya


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Wasn’t Love suppose to be red?

I have seldom looked at wrong places,
trying to find my red in wrong places!

For me, my red was bright
and shinned when I called it mine.
For me, my red was just like wine
and accompanied me on my lonely nights.

My red was perfect,
I knew everything about it!
It’s height,
It’s size,
Everything else just fine!

Its brightness meter was 49,
its glow, a delight!
It matched my skin tone,
It complemented blue robe!

when I found red, it was different!
and I knew nothing about it!

It was barely fully red,
It had shades of blue, purple and green.
And there are times, I have seen it turn cream!

It had shoulders broader then what I had thought,
It had hair curlier which was surely not what I want!
It weighed more than 79 and height more than 5.9′
This was surely not for what I had signed!

Wasn’t Love suppose to be red?


It was later that I realized
that love was always there.
But barely fully red!

Its shades gave it the beauty it needed,
Its difference made it the red that I actually needed!

Its tone no more complemented me.
It had now become a part of me.

It not only looked good on my blue robe
but also went perfectly well with my random choice of cloth.

I have seldom looked at wrong places,
trying to find my red in wrong places!


It was later that I realized
that love was always there.
But barely fully red!

It was later that I realized
love was never supposed to be
fully red!

– Dharti Shethiya

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Day 1: Me and My never ending Procrastination!

Err… At this moment I am so annoyed with everything and anything happening around me because of my brain, it is unwilling to function and just wanting to lie down on a bed in a cozy blanket and do nothing fruitful! Sometimes I really wonder whether this brain actually belongs to me or not, because it surely does everything opposite to what I want it to do. I ask him to wake up, it demands to sleep for a few more hours; I ask it to work out, it decides to crave for cheese burst pizza and a coke; I ask it to write and this dear friend of mine decides to stop functioning completely!

So I decided to challenge it and write something about my brains favorite habit: Procrastination! Let me first introduce you guys to what Wikipedia tells about Procrastination:
Procrastination (from Latin’s “procrastinare”, that translates into the prefix pro-, ‘forward’, and the suffix -crastinus, ’till next day’ from cras, ‘tomorrow’) is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, procrastination takes place until the “last minute” before a deadline. Procrastination can take hold on any aspect of life—putting off cleaning the stove, repairing a leaky roof, seeing a doctor or dentist, submitting a job report or academic assignment or broaching a stressful issue with a partner. Procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, depression, and self-doubt.

So, now you know what it means! And you have to agree with me that some of the other days we all have been here. Wishing to do 100,000,000 things but wanting to do none. So for you guys over there, here are few things you can do to challenge your brain and to get out of this unwanted state of mind.

1. Force It Until Its Real:
I know it is really difficult but I really want you guys to give it a try. Let’s say, You want to read a book but you can not? Then read it, you may not be able to feel the words in the beginning and the task may annoy you for a long period of time, so at this point, you start reading again, and again and again, until you really start understanding every word written. You keep doing this until your brain realizes that you seriously want to do it and you are not going to give up!
For example: When I started writing this article I thought I might give up after first few lines but as I kept going on I am now actually writing it with all my hearts and brains!

2. Remind Yourself Why It Is Important:
Every task has its own importance and if you keep pushing it forward, it’s never going to happen. So, remind yourself why is that task important. Eg: You may get fired if you do not complete that report and that shitty co-worker you hate may get a promotion instead of you; If you do not finish that college assignment you might get an F and you might, however, have to re-do it; If you do not shop today, all the good dresses would be out of stock and you will have to wear some crappy outfit for your birthday!
So go ahead and get that shit done, it is on your to-do list because it is important!

3. You are always setting an example, Negative or Positive:
Remember that your actions are always noticed. People decide about their future relations with you depending upon your behavior and its impact on them. If you are lazy, unwilling to try, leaving things half done and unmotivated, nobody would wish to work with you. You would become that one employee that has never received a promotion, a student who is believed to be a wrong company, a parent that a child does not look upon and many more!
Do you really want to be that?
So, get up and get going!
I believe you can do it!
Stop reading right now and get going with your task!

Everybody feels lazy but not everybody can afford it!
Create a hustle and become a legend!

– Dharti Shethiya

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