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So yesterday on my writing account I did a rant!
I guy DM’ed me about how a girl with curves is extremely exciting and it certainly brought back to me memories of all creepy DMs I have ever gotten.
From “hey, sexy” to dick pics to creepy stalkers.
While I shared my views on it, the most common response was, “ignore them”
Well, the problem is this ignorance, not raising the voice against the wrong is the biggest wrong… Please raise your voice. If you are a writer, write about it, if you have received any such DM, share the screenshot. Get the account down and if it’s too much, you can file a complaint with cyber crime branch.

And most importantly It’s not about what is bothering me and what is not. I give zero fucks about what people think, but, I believe that our ignorance towards this behavior is somewhere giving them the power to continue. They enjoy the ignorance and so now is the high time to raise a voice.

And I request all of you to do so!

Your Girl,





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The heart in my hand!

Tonight I will knock your door
with my heart in my hand
Let me in or throw me out

Tonight I will knock your door
And bring with me broad daylight
Let the sun witness the love you hide!

Tonight I will knock your door
And bring with me some stars in my lamp
Let these little one know what real light looks like

Tonight I will knock your door
And bring with me Tansen’s Sitar
Let him the see the music of your voice

Tonight I will Knock your door
And just in case if you decide not to open it!
I will sit at your door for the rest of my life
and keep singing to them
the songs I have written in your wait tonight!!


Your Girl,


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The Left, The Right, and The Middle!

Today I want to give you people some food for thought! Something that I have been stuck with for a very long period of time. Honestly speaking, this should have been the easiest question to answer ever and my lack of knowledge about my own self-makes it almost impossible to figure things out and to find the middle of the argument inside my head!

The Question is:
What is my larger purpose in life?

I am in college at the present moment trying to figure out the best business idea, trying to figure out the way to become a zillionaire, trying to figure out the way to become the businessman I always wanted to be. But the only difficulty in choosing one out of the 1000s of available groundbreaking options is my lack of self-knowledge.
I do not know what is that one thing in my life that I want to do! I do not know what is that one thing in my life that will give me happiness and satisfaction beyond worldly pleasures! And honestly speaking I do not know if money is really what I want!

I have been running in circles and trying to find an end to this never-ending chase of the ‘Right Idea.’ There have been times where I have been randomly going from left to right to the front and then back again and have called this chaotic run a journey so that if not me at least people looking at me can call this a journey!

But one thing I have gained in this Chaos is self-awareness. At this moment while I sit here writing this blog I am completely aware of my chaos, about my question and about my ‘journey.’ And I am sure that down the line I will find my end goal and my larger purpose!

For now, I want to write, communicate and express. I want to connect to people not to network with them for business but to help them and most importantly, myself grow from within! I want to re-define the concept of emotions in this growing robotic world!

What do you guys Feel? Have you too been a living Chaos, running left, right and middle to find the right path?

Write to me about your story of this Chaotic journey @

Your Girl,

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The Bad Habbit!

I am the worst when it comes to maintaining a schedule or sticking to plan. And hence, I am not at all regular with this website but we are not giving up until and unless we are good at it! We are together going to master this skill!

I think this is exactly what life is all about. Trying and trying and trying until we master that skill! It is very easy to put your hands up and declare that this thing is just not made for you. It is extremely easy to give up and cry about it for the rest of our lives. And this exactly what we will not do! We will love ourselves and our dreams beyond our own limit! It may require efforts and may cost you sleep but remember that it is about you and your future so it is definitely worth the extra effort!

So here we go again, from now on I will again try maintaining this blog the way I am supposed to! I am going to need a lot of help from you people but we are going to do it together!

So here is our task for the day!

  1. Pen down all the details about the new idea.
  2. Create content for all my platforms!
  3. Go this event today
  4. Meditate
  5. Plan out the month!
  6. Read a book!

Today because of the event we have limited time to us so let’s not overdo the schedule!


What are you guys doing today?

Write to me on my email

You can reach to me on my Instagram too!

And connect with me on my facebook page!


Your words and feedback mean a lot to me!


Your girl,

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Time to change for the Best!

So its been a long time since I have started writing and doing freelancing and other things but not keeping a tap of the work and certainly not measuring the growth.
And that is why I have decided to blog my schedule out on this blog so that we both know where we are going and how we are growing!
If you guys needed someone to work with you and grow with you, here I am! If you want you can write to me on mail i.e. and will reply you back or put down in the comment section below!
But let’s just hard together and be the best versions of ourselves and make this 2018 the best year until now!

So for today,
1. Need to go for a jog and work out!
2. Write this blog.
3. Have 2 meetings to be done on priority.
4. Write a poem for this blog.
5. Start writing my first book.
6. Work on the project I cannot tell you guys about!
7.Do A Instagram live!
8. Learn Video Editing!

So tomorrow we are going to check the task completion and work extra harder!
BTW, Happy Women’s Day to all the Lovely ladies from around the world!
Always Remember you are strong and beautiful!

Your girl,


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I, The Murderer!

Yes, today I agree I am a murderer
Not once, not twice,
I have been mercy less many a times!

Yes, today I agree I have killed a beloved one
Kissed it with desire
and have stabbed its chest with what we call passion!

I have become stoned
and did not shed a tear
I haven’t cried on the death of my dear!

And don’t you lie
I know you have killed too
and you think that no one knew!

We often kill them in silent
with no drop blood to see!
No eyewitness or evidence to be seen!

My beloved one was the ‘dream to be a writer.’
I killed it with the job that my family desired
I left no witness
as I burned all my books
but my heart still remembers the stone that I have been!

So do not tell me that
you haven’t killed just like me.
A dream, a goal or maybe just a lovers being!

Your passion is dead and you like a zombie indeed.
Killing your own self in the jail of worldly being!

You think you are wise
and the decision was a mighty deed
but my dear friend,
You too are a murderer I think!

You have buried it so well
that nothing of it is to be seen
but baby you and I both know
you have killed a beloved dream!

So if not to the world
at least accept it for yourself
You just like me
are a murderer too!
A murderer of the beloved dream!

– Dharti Shethiya


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Can you Forgive Me Tonight?

Can you forgive me tonight
Because I am going to stand a little too close

Can you forgive me tonight
Because I am going to kiss you a little too long

I am going to steal your breath
and hold your hand
Bite your lip till my name is what you scream

Can you forgive me tonight
because I am going to love you a little too much

Can you forgive me tonight
because I am gonna make you mine a little too much

I am to leave my marks and kiss all your scars
Leave a hickey on the heart so that I am the only thing you know!

Let this moment pause
Let this love live
While I am lost in your soul
Let our bodies meet!

Can you forgive me tonight
Because I am going to stand a little too close

Can you forgive me tonight
Because I am going to kiss you a little too long



  • Dharti Shethiya


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I wish I was a poet!

At times, I wish I was a poet
So that every word I utter is rhythmic
So that every line I write is poetic
where every poem I write has depth and meaning!

but all I am is human!
but all I write is feelings!

But I am not a Poet
I do not know
how to do magic with words,
I do not know
how to make room for me where Shakespeare sits!


but I will try,
I surely will!

I will try to find the path to your heart!
I will knock your heart’s door a couple of times
and pamper the storm of emotions you are going through!


but I will try,
I surely will!
to make you smile!

I will take you through the memory lane
make you feel, all over again, those forbidden emotions!

Do not worry,
It will be beautiful
to love the pain and not hate the past!


but, always remember!
I am not a poet
I am not at all master of words!
all I am is a human!

I have felt the pain you’re going through
and maybe that is why I can read it in your deep eyes
I have scars on my soul too
and maybe that is why I can see it on you through your thick skin too!

I am just another you,
I am just a part of you!
I am nothing but you!
I am you!

– Dharti Shethiya!

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I am blank,
I have no idea how long we are here!

But, while we are here,
I want the time to go a little slow,
I want the breeze to be a little cold,
I want the moon to really glow!

While we are here,
I want you to stay
I want you to love me
I want you to be, Just be!

Tonight please do not kiss me
just look into my eyes and tell me that you miss me!

Tonight please do not touch me
just tell me about your day but do not forget to whisper in my ear that you love me!

Tonight, do not leave a hickey on me!
just look at my scars and tell me how to heal them!

tonight, Just be here!
where it’s you
where there is me
and where there is love!

tonight, just stay here!
where it’s raining
where there is music
and where there is love!

tonight, just hold me!
When it’s dark
When there is no hope
and when there is love, in you!

I am blank,
I have no idea how long we are here!

But, while we are here,
Be mine!
Only mine!

– Dharti Shethiya!

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The Son I Would Never Have

This not a poetry or a prose. This is something that I have seen so much lately that I just wanted to put it out!

I grew up in the body of a lady
I grew up with the life of a lady
I looked at the world like a lady
I loved men like a lady!

The men that I loved were
my father,
my brother,
my friend,
my lover.

Every time I came across these beautiful souls
with disturbed minds
I found the Son I would never have!

He will never look at a woman and rate her on her looks
He will never look at a woman and rate her on her clothes
He would not slut shame
He would not disrespect!

He will stand up for what he wants
He will stand up for what he believes in!

He would not mind crying if his heart is broken
He would not mind giving in at times if needed
He will listen to others
He will listen to his heart too!

When I have a son
I will never ask him to man up!
I will never ask him to grow balls!
I will never ask him to stay strong!
I will never ask him to not cry!

When I am with my men,
I will let them cry in my arms,
I will let them laugh their hearts out,
I will let them sing the songs of broken soul,
I will let them be them!