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The Long Short Year


76 days past the beginning of 2018 and so many things have changed in this short time span of a year that seems incredibly long! Most of us have fallen in and out of love already! Our new year resolutions are nowhere in the picture. Just not the weekdays, we are now cursing the weekends too! So to all of you feeling this right now, I want to remind you guys that we still have 289 days more to change everything about 2018!


You know when we are in love with somebody we go beyond our own limits of patience, understanding, and lifestyle too just to be with them. We understand them, we listen to them, we go out of ways just to be with them and at the end when we get the love we have given comes back to us, it is the best feeling ever, isn’t it? So in a similar way, if you love your dreams, the story of your life will change forever!

Go beyond your own limit and work hard, do everything you possibly and impossibly can to be with that one dream of yours! Go out of your way, try to understand the situation and act accordingly, plan things out and make sure that no matter what you meet your dream at least once daily!

Honestly speaking, I am not really sure when will you reach the final destination but I am sure that you will reach!
The journey is going to be terrible, you might want to give up completely! People around you will start calling you crazy and your dream, a bad idea. But like a true lover, you will have to hold on to your dream and make it a reality. And for all of that, today is the best day to start again!


And just like a kiss from your lover takes you to heaven, a kiss back from your hard work and dedication will make your life a heaven!

So wake up, wish your dream a good morning and hug her tight! Make her your entire world and see how she changes your life forever! Make your dream your lover!

Keep Working! Keep dreaming! Stay blessed!

Your Girl,


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The food that we crave the most!

Have you ever have had that midnight craving for food? Have you ever went out of your way to pamper your food cravings? Have you ever thought what food your heart is craving?

According to me the one food that every person craves a lot is LOVE! Honestly speaking, Every person has his own definition, meaning and most importantly emotions connected to this simple word called love. Me being me, I write a lot about love in form of poetry, articles, blogs and I have been asked to define love for the equal number of times! And for me, love has only one definition, ‘The Food That we Crave The most!’

Love is the light of your empty roads! It guides you through the darkest paths and keeps your heart warm during the coldest nights! Love has the power the heal. and love certainly has the power to change you forever!

When I write about love I do not restrict it to the Love two lovers share. The love can be between any two entities or individuals!

You work hard because you LOVE your job or your dream and you wish to become something in your life and you want to achieve a certain goal in life. You take out time from your busy schedule because you love your family, your kids or maybe even your pets! You read, draw, play sport or video game because you love doing it!

We tend to plan our day around the things that we love. It becomes the center of our little universe, it is what we crave for and work for!

Love is love! It can be of any type and for anyone. dharti_shethiya_27580063_542835909405428_6319035599915319296_n (1)


This is something that I had written in my diary for love for your own self!

P.S: Above all kinds of love, there is self-love!


Your Girl,

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The Left, The Right, and The Middle!

Today I want to give you people some food for thought! Something that I have been stuck with for a very long period of time. Honestly speaking, this should have been the easiest question to answer ever and my lack of knowledge about my own self-makes it almost impossible to figure things out and to find the middle of the argument inside my head!

The Question is:
What is my larger purpose in life?

I am in college at the present moment trying to figure out the best business idea, trying to figure out the way to become a zillionaire, trying to figure out the way to become the businessman I always wanted to be. But the only difficulty in choosing one out of the 1000s of available groundbreaking options is my lack of self-knowledge.
I do not know what is that one thing in my life that I want to do! I do not know what is that one thing in my life that will give me happiness and satisfaction beyond worldly pleasures! And honestly speaking I do not know if money is really what I want!

I have been running in circles and trying to find an end to this never-ending chase of the ‘Right Idea.’ There have been times where I have been randomly going from left to right to the front and then back again and have called this chaotic run a journey so that if not me at least people looking at me can call this a journey!

But one thing I have gained in this Chaos is self-awareness. At this moment while I sit here writing this blog I am completely aware of my chaos, about my question and about my ‘journey.’ And I am sure that down the line I will find my end goal and my larger purpose!

For now, I want to write, communicate and express. I want to connect to people not to network with them for business but to help them and most importantly, myself grow from within! I want to re-define the concept of emotions in this growing robotic world!

What do you guys Feel? Have you too been a living Chaos, running left, right and middle to find the right path?

Write to me about your story of this Chaotic journey @

Your Girl,

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Today’s blog is a little special! It’s about MANISM! Before I start talking about what Manism is let me tell you what it is not!

It is not this:

To all my lovely readers who are too lazy to click and read that, manism according to that article means departed spirit and a lot of other superstitions which do not stand true for this account!

We chose Manism as a word in support of feminism!

Manisim is something which me and my best friend, Siddhi Narkar thought about over one of our never-ending phone calls! We realized how people have defined feminism according to their own need and how lost we are in our fight to support girl love and punish the wrong men that we have completely forgotten the men/boys with righteous heart, mind, and behavior! We noticed that while everyone was writing thank you poems for mom and wishing her women’s day/ mother’s day/ Valentine day, our dads were still working with no thank yous and I love you!

So we decided to open an Instagram account called MANISM (you can click on Manism to follow us on Instagram)

While I write about it would also love to share certain values that we will be following on our account!

They are as follows:

  1. We will never disrespect or troll the other genders! We respect you and would never try trolling any of you guys!
  2. We only stand in support of men with righteous mind, heart, and behavior. We respect their struggle and journey and that does not mean that we allow or overlook the people with inappropriate behavior!
  3. We believe a man must express, feel, dream and must receive the love, care and get pampered like a girl does! They may have physical strength more than female but that in no way means their emotional strength must be overlooked!

So, that’s about it! We only stand by right and while everyone is standing for the girls I would like to stand for all the three! Because love is never partial and the heart does not feel differently just because it is placed in a different body!

Here is the link to our Instagram page:

Show some love!

Your Girl,

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The Bad Habbit!

I am the worst when it comes to maintaining a schedule or sticking to plan. And hence, I am not at all regular with this website but we are not giving up until and unless we are good at it! We are together going to master this skill!

I think this is exactly what life is all about. Trying and trying and trying until we master that skill! It is very easy to put your hands up and declare that this thing is just not made for you. It is extremely easy to give up and cry about it for the rest of our lives. And this exactly what we will not do! We will love ourselves and our dreams beyond our own limit! It may require efforts and may cost you sleep but remember that it is about you and your future so it is definitely worth the extra effort!

So here we go again, from now on I will again try maintaining this blog the way I am supposed to! I am going to need a lot of help from you people but we are going to do it together!

So here is our task for the day!

  1. Pen down all the details about the new idea.
  2. Create content for all my platforms!
  3. Go this event today
  4. Meditate
  5. Plan out the month!
  6. Read a book!

Today because of the event we have limited time to us so let’s not overdo the schedule!


What are you guys doing today?

Write to me on my email

You can reach to me on my Instagram too!

And connect with me on my facebook page!


Your words and feedback mean a lot to me!


Your girl,

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Time to change for the Best!

So its been a long time since I have started writing and doing freelancing and other things but not keeping a tap of the work and certainly not measuring the growth.
And that is why I have decided to blog my schedule out on this blog so that we both know where we are going and how we are growing!
If you guys needed someone to work with you and grow with you, here I am! If you want you can write to me on mail i.e. and will reply you back or put down in the comment section below!
But let’s just hard together and be the best versions of ourselves and make this 2018 the best year until now!

So for today,
1. Need to go for a jog and work out!
2. Write this blog.
3. Have 2 meetings to be done on priority.
4. Write a poem for this blog.
5. Start writing my first book.
6. Work on the project I cannot tell you guys about!
7.Do A Instagram live!
8. Learn Video Editing!

So tomorrow we are going to check the task completion and work extra harder!
BTW, Happy Women’s Day to all the Lovely ladies from around the world!
Always Remember you are strong and beautiful!

Your girl,


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Day 5: A little trap of unsaid truth!

We all tend to lie a lot! Not to our families, our friends or our parents; we lie to ourselves a lot! We tend to build around ourselves an imaginary castle of a dreamy world, were everything is made up of hopes given by others. The bricks of the castle are made of dreams that your school teachers gifted you and pillars of the castle are nothing but the rules without roots which were embedded in you. The ceiling, however, is made of those unanswered questions and lost curiosity and the windows, however, are pretty opaque. Your lie will never let you see the truth outside.

This castle-like thing is nothing but a cage. You may feel like you are ruling all that you can see but in reality, there is a lot more outside that you can conquer! This, my dear friend, is the trap of unsaid truth! So remember when you try to conquer some good, you will have to pass through the bad!

First thing first, do not lie to yourself about things you think you want. Give yourself a chance to explore. Do not force yourself to a ‘9-to-5’ if all you want to do is write a book! Making a new year resolution to work hard at the places your heart does not work is useless.

The second thing is, you are allowed to love. I have seen so many young kids around me unable to say ‘I love you too’ or find it weird when they see people kissing on television and I certainly believe that these are the kids that are afraid to love even when they grow up.
Sweetheart, you are allowed to love. Love is rather the most beautiful feeling on this earth. It has the power to bring heaven on earth. Give it a chance. And if you are afraid that your heart might break, even the wounds given by love are bittersweet!

And the last thing is, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAY SORRY AND THANK YOU. I know later in this free and open-minded world we have a very casual approach towards both favors and mistake. But, somewhere, no matter how cool that particular person is, a sorry and thank you is going to make an impact. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong, even to your best friend, especially to your best friends. And say thank you, no matter how small or big the gesture is. Because, the smallest of thing, made them go out of their way to reach out to you!

These are the two words that are the reason for the strength of a relationship. Nobody, I repeat, Nobody owes you anything. So do not take them for granted!

– Dharti Shethiya

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Day 5: Youth v/s Professionalism

Youth and its professionalism are one of the most debated topics amongst the industrialist, business owners, schools, and colleges. The very word youth brings to our mind a group of youngsters who have an uncontrollable energy with a lethal combination of creative heads and pathless careers. This generation is somehow labeled as one of the most unprofessional, unethical and of course useless generation. But what exactly are the points of which this professionalism is judged and rated?

Here are 7 reasons why I believe we are called ‘Unprofessional’

1. “Suits” v/s “Hoodies”
I know you got a hint of what I am going to speak about. But this is one of the important factors in the business world to judge people also know as Lets-judge-his-work-by-his-clothes. Cause, of course, the quality of work is directly proportional to your clothes.
Defending the youth here, I would like to say that we know how to create our priority list. For us what work we deliver to you is more important than the way we look cause we have known many pretty faces with empty heads and many bad covers with pretty content. Remember the lesson of “Not to judge a book by its cover?”
But I also won’t deny the fact that many times no matter how amazing your work is, your self-presentation also plays an important role.

2. Access Code: ETHICS!

A code of ethics is been followed in Professional environments to guide the conducts of members of the association. I would happily agree that these code of conduct guides one with acceptable behavior, core values, and professional boundaries but it also somehow it also results in abuse of power and bullying of weaker.
The ‘Youth’ does not really care about your professional designation in a company or the seven-figure bank account you have. They will respect you if you respect them. They will look at your work and make you a role model if your work speaks to them.

3. The Increasing interest in ‘Revolution’

Revolution, change, innovation, evolution, experimentation call it whatever you want, it, by any name is an important element for the growth of business and its gradual developments. There are many businessmen who show resistance to change and call this needed revolution as an unwanted, risky and stupid idea.
The youth has a mind just like a coal mine. I may not be pretty right now but if these coals are nurtured properly, you can turn it into the most expensive diamond one has ever seen.
Let them experiment! If they fail, they learn. If they succeed, you earn!


I know this generation thinks differently, acts weirdly and speaks shit! But if business minds like you believe in the likes of us, trust me, our energy, and your experience, our idea, and your correction can bring in the revolution and change the industry forever.

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Day 4: Society and everything wrong with it!

I know the moment you read the title a series of ending thoughts, complaints and rants started going through your head. But, let me tell you this one important thing! Whatever you are thinking, is abso-f**king-lutely right.

Most of our rants have some strong bases. They either come from something that we have experienced, seen or read about. But, what are we actually doing to change the things? Are you really fighting against the unjust on children or underprivileged or even on your friends? Or is it that your solution to all their problems is, “Everything is going yo fine soon.” Basically, words that are good to my ears but do nothing great to my life!


Here, My Dear Friends, I wish to highlight something that we see every day but happily ignore!

  1. We the INDEPENDENT creatures!
    Knowingly or unknowingly we have become dependent on technology. This baby, that we gave birth to with so many expectations, is in reality, outgrowing us!
    we have become SLAVE to its existence!




2. Food of LIKES!

Social media has now become the most essential factor for survival followed by food, clothing, and shelter.  I have seen people feeling restless because of the lesser number of like on their profile picture and people committing suicide because of some comment on their online content!



3. Words without feels!

I have seen couples put long captions on cute pictures of each other and how much they miss each other when apart. It is super cute and I do feel jealous at times too but I start feeling better as soon as I see them in real life.
Stuck on the phone, have nothing to talk about and barely know each other. Love is lost in the words and sex has become easily available. The connection is lost in the world of connectivity!!


4. The Illusion of Perfection!

The Internet has created an illusion of perfection! Slim body, perfect hair, sculpted face and lavish lifestyle! We all are trapped in this illusion. We are so much in love with the idea of someone else that we forget to love ourselves. Craving for own good is alright, but idealizing something which not even real but a mere mirage is wrong!
So love your own self, your surrounding, and your life!


5. The ruthless rulers!

We all have gotten used to a lifestyle where we are ruled instead of getting guidance and almost all our activities are dependent on reactions of others. One of the biggest rulers we have had is our parents. They mold us, break us, make us and above all life decisions are dependent on them!
be there for them but do not be dependent on them!



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Day 3: I DO NOT Support women Empowerment!

I have been hearing about women empowerment, girl empowerment, girl education and development of the female community in general. It’s not that I do not support the growth of my fellow female sisters. But somewhere I feel that the pain, problems, and difficulties faced by a man are overshadowed by the women Empowerment movement!

I believe in equality, not one empowering the other or one rising above the other. If you make sure that women can file a complaint about the rape and gets justice, make sure you do that for men too. 38% of people who get sexually assaulted are men. I know women have a greater number but that does not mean we avoid this 38%. In this 38 %, most of them are college going students with an age group between 18 to 34. These are the men that suffer through mental health issues and fearlessly use violence on there wives and kids during the later part of their age.

Apart from that, I want you to go through this data and understand the state of men too!

More then Half of them are also suffering at different sectors!

They Need Empowerment too, they need support too! So let’s make it for all!

1.The workforce participation rate of females in rural sector was 26.1 in 2009‐ 10 (NSS 64th Round) while that for males was 54.7. In the Urban sector, it was 13.8 for females and 54.3 for males. Among the States/Union Territories, workforce participation rate of females in the rural sector was the highest in Himachal Pradesh at 46.8% and in the urban sector, it was the highest in Mizoram at 28.8%.

2.  In the rural sector, 55.7% females were self‐employed, 4.4% females had regular wage/salaried employment and 39.9% females were casual laborers compared with 53.5%, 8.5% and 38.0% males in the same categories respectively.

3. A total of 20.4% women were employed in the organized sector in 2010 with 17.9% working in the public sector and 24.5% in the private.

4. The labor force participation rate of women across all age‐groups was 20.8 in the rural sector and 12.8 in the urban sector compared with 54.8 and 55.6 for men in the rural and urban sectors respectively in 2009‐10 (NSS 64th Round).

5. The unemployment rate for women of all ages was 2.4 compared with 2.0 for men in the rural areas in 2009‐10. It was 7.0 for women and 3.1 for men in urban areas during the same period. Among the States/Union Territories, the highest unemployment rate for women in rural sector was observed in Chandigarh (51.1%) and in the urban sector in Dadra and Nagar Haveli (60.0%) in 2009‐10.

6. Of the total job seekers registered with employed exchanges, women constituted 32.5% in 2009.

7. The female share of total Central Government employment stood at 10.0% in 2009.

8. The share of female employees in the scheduled commercial banks was 15.9% in 2009 which rose slightly to 16.6% in 2010.

9. In 2009‐10, the average wage/salary received by regular wage/salaried employees of age 15‐59 years was Rs. 155.87 per day for females compared with Rs. 249.15 per day for males in rural areas. For urban areas, it was Rs. 308.79 and Rs. 377.16 per day for females and males respectively.

10. In 2010, the number of accounts operated by females in all commercial banks was 153.18 crores compared with 487.37 crore accounts operated by males. The deposit amount was Rs. 517209.74 crore for females and Rs. 1838826.25 crore for males.

11. In 2011‐12, the share of women swarojgaris (self-employed) in the total swarojgaris assisted under the Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgaar Yojna (Golden Jubilee Rural Self Employment Scheme)) stood at 69.4%.

12. The share of women in the person days employed through MGNREGA stood at 48.3% in 2011‐12 (all districts with rural areas).

13. According to the pilot Time Use Survey conducted in 18,620 households spread over six selected States, namely, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya during the period June 1998 to July 1999, women spent about 2.1 hours per day on cooking food and about 1.1 hours on cleaning the households and utensils. Men’s participation in these activities was nominal. Taking care of children was one of the major responsibilities of women, as they spent about 3.16 hours per week on these activities as compared to only 0.32 hours by males.


Literacy and Education

14. As per Census 2011, 74.0% of the population is literate comprising 65.5% females and2.1% males. The incremental increase over Census 2001 of 11.8% for females is higher than 6.8% for males.

15. Among the States/Union Territories, the female literacy rate is the highest in Kerala at 92.0% followed by Mizoram at 89.4%. The highest male literacy rate is observed in Lakshadweep at 96.1% followed by Kerala at 96.0% as per Census 2011.

16. As per NSS 64th Round, 2007‐08, of the currently attending students aged 5‐ 29 years, 69.2% females in primary schools, 65.6% females in the middle schools and 56.8% females in secondary and higher secondary schools were attending Government schools. The share of males is across the board lower at 65.4%, 64.0% and 55.6% in the respective categories.

17. A share of females getting free education/ exemption from tuition fee and receiving different types of incentives is higher than that for males in all the three levels of school education. However, the average annual expenditure for females is lower than that of males.

18. The main reasons for females never attending school are ‘expensive cost of education’, ‘not interested in studies’, ‘education is not considered necessary’ and ‘required for household work’.

19. The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for females at the primary level stood at 115.39 compared with 115.55 for males in 2009‐10 indicating parity in GER. At the middle classes level, the GER for females was 78.30 while that for males was 84.53.

20. The Gross Attendance Ratio for females in the classes I‐V in rural areas was 103 compared with 106 for males in 2007‐08 (NSS 64th Round). The Net Attendance Ratio was observed to be 83 and 86 for females and males respectively in the rural areas in the classes I‐V.

21. The Drop‐out Rates were observed to be 27.25 and 30.25 for females and males respectively in the classes I‐V in 2009‐10. These were 44.39 and 40.59 in classes I‐VIII and 51.97 and 53.38 in classes I‐X for females and males respectively.


So Let’s Support all!


-Dharti Shethiya