Love, fail,, love again and fail again

Love, fail and Love again and fail again.

Love is the only thought running through my head from early morning and mind you it is love and not the lover.
Questions like,
Why did I fall for this guy?
What attracts me in this particular person?
Why do you I usually fight on this particular topic?
Why do I willing for guys with a particular mindset?

And all this is because I recently discovered that there is a consistent pattern in the guys I have had dated before. And therefore it was very important for me to do a certain kind of analysis to understand the pattern I created for my own destruction.

And this is what came to my Head


So the thing with every relationship or any kind of dating is that the base is to all is that first guy I had dated.


My trust issues, my insecurities, me being scared of commitment it all comes from the same one relationship that I had and now I have start working on those aspects of it and actually grow along with those limitations.


Have you analyzed what decides the longevity or failure of your relationships?


Tell me in the comment section below and or write to me about it on

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