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Love That is yet to Be Found!

August has come out to become a month where all I can think about is self-growth and impeccable love that one should have for self. And as my head dwelled upon the concept of self-love and growth a small poem got came dancing inside my head.

“A seed I am that fell to the ground
Let love breathe within
And let all the veins feel emotions
and dreams survive beyond the dream…

– Dharti Shethiya ”

Isn’t this what we exactly wish for others when we love them and think of their well being. So why not wish the same for self.

Work, hustle, financial growth and everything else is important but we seldom forget that none of these would be worth if you are not happy inside. Forcing yourself into something will never lead to mental stability.

So my darlings let us take a step beyond and work upon happiness and find things that help you find content within.

do something different, let’s run after happiness and inner well being and every other desire and dreams of yours will manifest itself naturally.

tell me in the comments below or write to me about what helps you be you and what is happiness to you?

You can also write to me about it at

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Your girl,


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