Be A Potato!

You are a Potato!!!

Now when I say that many of you would come with different interpretations of this statement and the most common ones, of course, will be “fat,” “ugly,” and “stupid.” But darling when Potato was never meant to be an insult! How can a vegetable loved by all age groups, behind the existence of French Fries and a savior in every dish be an insult?


For me, Potato means a savior, a kind that mixes with every other kind, the one that holds on to you in cold and in heat and brightens up your mood, no matter what!

So here is a small poetry for my wonderful Potatoes!


Darling, you are so fine
With love flowing in your bloodline
I am glad I can call you mine
And never in your life forget
to be a person like you is a blessing in disguise!
So go kiss the world darling,
toe the line,
You are Potato and you must shine!

(Maybe not the best poem you have read but try to feel the love I have put in it!)

You are a Potato!!!


Your girl,

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