Falling out of love!

I believe that many of us have had faced this at some of the other points in our lives. Maybe in a relationship or in a friendship or probably with an object. We tend to fall out of love with something or someone we have been obsessing about for a very long period of time. And the reasonĀ I write is to tell you that it happens. That falling out of love is a thing and it can happen to you too even if it hasn’t happened yet!

So it is very recent where my friend was talking about how she has fallen out of love with the guy she had been dating since almost 5years. It started with, “It does not feel the same anymore.” and then she went on for hours about everything wrong in that relationship that she was completely into at least a few months back!

So to people who have fallen out of love and cannot confess, here is a little piece for you guys!

” Say it to your partner, be gentle with your words and do not let your irritation that you have for your own emotion come in between. Tell them what you feel and set them free if you think there is no going back to being in love. Hiding what you feel just because you do not want to hurt the person and then doing it in an amplified manner, however, in the end, is not a real solution.”

It is going to be difficult to explain, but it is necessary!

And to people who are going to face this conversation, here is something for you!

” You are going to hate that person for a very long period of time and it going to hurt but darling forcing someone to reflect your emotion with the same intensity did no good ever. You will have to listen and understand. I know that it is easy to say and harder to face it in real but it is wrong to give your heart false hopes too.”

And no matter what, feel free to write me, if nothing more, I can at least listen to my reading family!

And above all, believeĀ in yourself!

Your Girl,
Dharti Shethiya!


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