Shame on Me!

Cover your face it has a color of shame
Call me a racist but I hate that shade
Look at your stumbling feet
You seem to have lost your pride
Stay at home, another pair following steps
are right behind!

“Sshhhh, my baby”
“Ssssshhh, meri bachi”
Is this what he said?
Shut your mouth!
Is this what he said?

Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another girl
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another boy
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another old lady
Raped, assaulted, murdered
Another child
Another… Another… Another!!!

Hold your breath, my friend,
It is too loud!
It has the power to scream
and somewhere, some devil will hear you
He will chase you
He will find you
and he will dine on you!
You may never know my friend, he may also invite his friends to have a piece of you!
They will slowly tame you
get the cycle going
Rape, assault, murder
Rape, assault, murder

Someone somewhere will light a candle
with the hope that sweet little flame will get you justice
with a hope that a small march will get you justice


But Can I scream, shout and say
The word justice is too far away
Whom do I save you from
Humanity has now changed Its form

I have seen a father burn his daughter
I have seen a mother kill her son
I have seen a brother Rape his sister
I have seen a sister assault her brother

I have seen it all
I have heard it all
To hope for humanity
Is an insane call

All I can do is
Make a promise!

So I promise you, my sister, that we will meet in the sky
and it won’t hurt in places anymore
The monster once drawled

So I promise you, my brother, that we will meet in the sky
and it won’t be a scar to masculinity
please do not let the tear dry

So I promise you, my friend, that we will STAY in the sky
and never go back to the land
where humanity died


Your human,



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