The brightest dawn!

His every touched
screamed to me the poetry of his love
his every kiss
healed the scars of my forgotten dream
his every breath on my skin
forgave the sins I had been hiding beneath my this skin
and then
he touched my hair
making all my thoughts as curly as his path
he slowly moves his fingers
and finds a way to my heart
there we are
with our heart beats in sync
with our eyed so fixed
with our love in between with our hope in wind

he then pulled me closer
my heart decides to stops
he kisses me slower
its fire and its storms
he loves me harder
its the day of brightest dawn


This is something I kept thinking of for the entire day after meeting the person I love and the desperation to convey the love that I decided to record it for that person!
Here is a glimpse of It!


Let me know what you think about it! Mail me or comment below!

Your Girl,


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