My Alphabetical Poetry!

Often left on Bookshelf, waiting
My story is skipped, its baiting

My screams in these words, abating
My own chapters, debating

I am so tired of these constant blaming
Now all of me is

There is so much blabbering
its Badgering
But I am bantering

Though My own existence is
it’s calculating
trying captivating!

But all the people out there are
it’s deprecating
I am denotating!

But all of you wait and watch me
I’m educating
See me escalating!

Though its fluctuating
my life is fabricating
It fascinating!

So, pause!

My story is in a grating
It’s generating
I am graduating!

While the world is hallucinating
they are hesitating
but I am hyphenating!

Stop imitating
it’s irritating
I am insulating!

Oh wait,
The J is missing
my rhyme is breaking
this one is Juxtaposing!

uh, the K is not knitting
its almost killing
The rhyme is kicking

It’s time for legislating
I am liberating
It’s Levitating

So now let’s start moderating
my success navigating 
my thoughts are Oscillating
I am still Permeating

Slow down!

There is so much questioning
But its time for rebating
no time for sedating!

My work is tabulating
look it’s undulating
so all those who need validating
It’s time to end your waiting!

So you can see that
my story is now xeroxing
my book is now yawling
and its time to end my zapping!


(tried something new, let me know what you guys think about it)

Your Girl,






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