The Hate In You Kills You!

Have you ever hated somebody so much that whenever you see that person you wish to stab him?
Have you put the time into plotting a destruction plan against somebody?
Have you prayed ill for someone?
Then, darling, you are destroying yourself!

Let me explain a very simple concept to you guys today!
And here I am going to rant some science and philosophy.

When you hate someone with all your heart and mind. You are putting yourself into a lot of negative energy. This kind of negativity ruins your immune system, gives you negative mood swings and most importantly it makes you a terrible person.
Ask yourself, is this who you are? Does your heart really agree to this? does your value system agree to this?

I know there might be some really strong reason for you to hate that person so much. s/he might have done something unforgivably wrong to you. But, is your action rightful?
What will be the difference between you two if you too act the same way?

And above all, is that person really worth the time and energy that you are putting in for hating that person?

I am not asking you to forget everything and move on! Remember the person, remember the lesson, be wiser next time, but also, forgive that person. Forgiveness will give you the kind of internal peace that you can’t even imagine!

Or else talk to somebody about it, vent out for feelings!

If you feel you have nobody, write to me, I promise I will read every word and reply but vent things out!

If you want to write to me, here is my email address for you guys:

But sweety move on, negativity brings no good to anyone!

Your Girl,

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