He is He!

Have you ever loved more than how much you should?
Have ever been fooled by the heart when it called something stupid good?
Have you ever been sad about losing something that was never really yours?

Because I have!
And it hurts!

I have loved beyond the boundaries of love!
I have cried beyond the boundaries of pain!
I have cared beyond the boundaries of affection!
And that darling has been the root cause of my own destruction!

He was passion
He was love
He was he
and maybe that is why he is everything I need!

I used to look at him
as God’s finest creation!
But you left me
keeping me in a state of castration!

He was he,
And I was me!
And that made me stay hopelessly in love with him!
Even after all the pain, he brings in!

So here I am
Still hoping
Still dreaming
And still wanting him

So here I am
Still loving
Still caring
and still praying for him!

I now decide to fight
not against him
But my own desire!

I now would no more try
to receive love
that isn’t mine!

So darling let me tell you one last time!
Even after all these painful nights!
I am still going to believe
In all your lies,
In all your cries
and try to find traces of me
in all your poetic rhymes

You may now not see me
holding your back
but trust me
I will still be praying
for your success every night!

After all,
You are you
and that would always be true
In my heart
No one can ever replace you!

So baby lets wave goodbye
and kill all my hopes tonight.
Because I am done with love
and all its worldly lies!

– Dharti Shethiya



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