My obsession with the word ‘I’

I was 6 when I learned about friendship
I was 7 when I learned about love
I was 8 when I learned about forever
I was 9 when I learned about marriage
I was 10 when I learned about Fights
I was 11 when I learned about goodbyes
I was 12 when I learned about separations
I was 13 when I learned about tears of pain
I was 14 when I learned there is a world outside
I was 15 when I learned about heart breaks
I was 16 when I learned about the reality of life
I was 17 when I discovered myself
I was 18 when I understood myself
I was 19 when I found out how important it is to love my own self
I was 20 when I started dreaming and setting life goals
I was 21 when my priority list started with ‘I’
I was 22 when I became a fighter, a fighter for my own dreams
And today,
I am 23, and I am wearing an armor, holding a sword and willing to go against the whole damn world
for my small dream of touching the sky!
for I know I am way beyond these small obstacles!
and I believe in my self
and my ability to do so!

I have learned to get up with more strength after every little fall!


This is me, raw, real and rarely common!
I am obsessed with ‘I’ because if I am not, nobody else will!


I hope you are too!





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