The food that we crave the most!

Have you ever have had that midnight craving for food? Have you ever went out of your way to pamper your food cravings? Have you ever thought what food your heart is craving?

According to me the one food that every person craves a lot is LOVE! Honestly speaking, Every person has his own definition, meaning and most importantly emotions connected to this simple word called love. Me being me, I write a lot about love in form of poetry, articles, blogs and I have been asked to define love for the equal number of times! And for me, love has only one definition, ‘The Food That we Crave The most!’

Love is the light of your empty roads! It guides you through the darkest paths and keeps your heart warm during the coldest nights! Love has the power the heal. and love certainly has the power to change you forever!

When I write about love I do not restrict it to the Love two lovers share. The love can be between any two entities or individuals!

You work hard because you LOVE your job or your dream and you wish to become something in your life and you want to achieve a certain goal in life. You take out time from your busy schedule because you love your family, your kids or maybe even your pets! You read, draw, play sport or video game because you love doing it!

We tend to plan our day around the things that we love. It becomes the center of our little universe, it is what we crave for and work for!

Love is love! It can be of any type and for anyone. dharti_shethiya_27580063_542835909405428_6319035599915319296_n (1)


This is something that I had written in my diary for love for your own self!

P.S: Above all kinds of love, there is self-love!


Your Girl,

2 thoughts on “The food that we crave the most!

  1. M in love with your words. Your smilies and metaphors babe…how did u develop this jewel. I need to know dear…ur words can make a devil surrender to love. Are ur words rather a sorcery or u are an angelic- witch…ur words r rather spells of transcendence .


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