Today’s blog is a little special! It’s about MANISM! Before I start talking about what Manism is let me tell you what it is not!

It is not this:

To all my lovely readers who are too lazy to click and read that, manism according to that article means departed spirit and a lot of other superstitions which do not stand true for this account!

We chose Manism as a word in support of feminism!

Manisim is something which me and my best friend, Siddhi Narkar thought about over one of our never-ending phone calls! We realized how people have defined feminism according to their own need and how lost we are in our fight to support girl love and punish the wrong men that we have completely forgotten the men/boys with righteous heart, mind, and behavior! We noticed that while everyone was writing thank you poems for mom and wishing her women’s day/ mother’s day/ Valentine day, our dads were still working with no thank yous and I love you!

So we decided to open an Instagram account called MANISM (you can click on Manism to follow us on Instagram)

While I write about it would also love to share certain values that we will be following on our account!

They are as follows:

  1. We will never disrespect or troll the other genders! We respect you and would never try trolling any of you guys!
  2. We only stand in support of men with righteous mind, heart, and behavior. We respect their struggle and journey and that does not mean that we allow or overlook the people with inappropriate behavior!
  3. We believe a man must express, feel, dream and must receive the love, care and get pampered like a girl does! They may have physical strength more than female but that in no way means their emotional strength must be overlooked!

So, that’s about it! We only stand by right and while everyone is standing for the girls I would like to stand for all the three! Because love is never partial and the heart does not feel differently just because it is placed in a different body!

Here is the link to our Instagram page:

Show some love!

Your Girl,

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