Time to change for the Best!

So its been a long time since I have started writing and doing freelancing and other things but not keeping a tap of the work and certainly not measuring the growth.
And that is why I have decided to blog my schedule out on this blog so that we both know where we are going and how we are growing!
If you guys needed someone to work with you and grow with you, here I am! If you want you can write to me on mail i.e. talktodharti@gmail.com and will reply you back or put down in the comment section below!
But let’s just hard together and be the best versions of ourselves and make this 2018 the best year until now!

So for today,
1. Need to go for a jog and work out!
2. Write this blog.
3. Have 2 meetings to be done on priority.
4. Write a poem for this blog.
5. Start writing my first book.
6. Work on the project I cannot tell you guys about!
7.Do A Instagram live!
8. Learn Video Editing!

So tomorrow we are going to check the task completion and work extra harder!
BTW, Happy Women’s Day to all the Lovely ladies from around the world!
Always Remember you are strong and beautiful!

Your girl,


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