I, The Murderer!

Yes, today I agree I am a murderer
Not once, not twice,
I have been mercy less many a times!

Yes, today I agree I have killed a beloved one
Kissed it with desire
and have stabbed its chest with what we call passion!

I have become stoned
and did not shed a tear
I haven’t cried on the death of my dear!

And don’t you lie
I know you have killed too
and you think that no one knew!

We often kill them in silent
with no drop blood to see!
No eyewitness or evidence to be seen!

My beloved one was the ‘dream to be a writer.’
I killed it with the job that my family desired
I left no witness
as I burned all my books
but my heart still remembers the stone that I have been!

So do not tell me that
you haven’t killed just like me.
A dream, a goal or maybe just a lovers being!

Your passion is dead and you like a zombie indeed.
Killing your own self in the jail of worldly being!

You think you are wise
and the decision was a mighty deed
but my dear friend,
You too are a murderer I think!

You have buried it so well
that nothing of it is to be seen
but baby you and I both know
you have killed a beloved dream!

So if not to the world
at least accept it for yourself
You just like me
are a murderer too!
A murderer of the beloved dream!

– Dharti Shethiya


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