Day 5: A little trap of unsaid truth!

We all tend to lie a lot! Not to our families, our friends or our parents; we lie to ourselves a lot! We tend to build around ourselves an imaginary castle of a dreamy world, were everything is made up of hopes given by others. The bricks of the castle are made of dreams that your school teachers gifted you and pillars of the castle are nothing but the rules without roots which were embedded in you. The ceiling, however, is made of those unanswered questions and lost curiosity and the windows, however, are pretty opaque. Your lie will never let you see the truth outside.

This castle-like thing is nothing but a cage. You may feel like you are ruling all that you can see but in reality, there is a lot more outside that you can conquer! This, my dear friend, is the trap of unsaid truth! So remember when you try to conquer some good, you will have to pass through the bad!

First thing first, do not lie to yourself about things you think you want. Give yourself a chance to explore. Do not force yourself to a ‘9-to-5’ if all you want to do is write a book! Making a new year resolution to work hard at the places your heart does not work is useless.

The second thing is, you are allowed to love. I have seen so many young kids around me unable to say ‘I love you too’ or find it weird when they see people kissing on television and I certainly believe that these are the kids that are afraid to love even when they grow up.
Sweetheart, you are allowed to love. Love is rather the most beautiful feeling on this earth. It has the power to bring heaven on earth. Give it a chance. And if you are afraid that your heart might break, even the wounds given by love are bittersweet!

And the last thing is, IT IS IMPORTANT TO SAY SORRY AND THANK YOU. I know later in this free and open-minded world we have a very casual approach towards both favors and mistake. But, somewhere, no matter how cool that particular person is, a sorry and thank you is going to make an impact. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong, even to your best friend, especially to your best friends. And say thank you, no matter how small or big the gesture is. Because, the smallest of thing, made them go out of their way to reach out to you!

These are the two words that are the reason for the strength of a relationship. Nobody, I repeat, Nobody owes you anything. So do not take them for granted!

– Dharti Shethiya

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