#2 They were made for each other


She wore a scandalous tale as her attire
Her blush was a perfect crime
She wore heels high enough to cast fear
Yet I wish she was mine!

Her lipstick was bloodstained red
while her lips only spoke the truth
Her eyes showed me my death
Yet I want to gift her my youth!

She looked at me as if I was her world
As if I really mattered.
She kissed me as if I was her knight in shining armor
As if I could really save her!

She had a heart made of wilderness
and a mind full of crazy ideas
She was my most devastating storm
and yet her soul set me free!

Every time she touched my skin
a fire as strong as hell burned inside me
Every time she raised her chin
every man in the room learned how to behave!

She chooses her man
like she chooses her wine
she leaves a bunch of scars
marking herself on their mind!

She then touched my ice-cold skin,
melting me in the warmth of her touch!
She rose a fire under in my vein,
giving rhythm to my frozen heart!

She has hugged me on winter nights
turning my dark nights to brightest day
She has given me some summer fights,
making me love her even more!

She was so full of love
and I was so full of hate!
I was so much of her
and she so much of me!

We were a disaster for the world
Nothing that we did was in sync with worlds
But together
we were like the perfectly flawed lovers

We made each other
we broke each other
we loved each other
we hated each other

We were made for each other!

We were made for each other!


  • Dharti Shethiya!




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