#1 Food for brain and Wine for heart!

Every day is the most difficult day of our life. It sometimes feels like we are stuck in this survival game since the existence of time and all of us are running in random directions to find an end to this never-ending game. Happiness, love, and warmth are the emotions that give us bonus points in this game and increase our energy tank to full and sadness, hatred, fear, envy are the emotions that reduce our energy level to that red mark that looks like the end of the world.

In it is exactly this time where we need refueling, some food for brain and wine for the heart seems to be the best meal possible. But, somewhere, in our need to feed the mind and heart we forget the most important aspect! We forget to feed the SOUL. We forget to pamper our own selves. I want you to remember that you are supposed to control your mind and heart, not vice-versa.

Giving food to your soul on regular basis is the only thing that will help you finish this race gracefully. No one is going to come first or last in this game with endpoint different for all. All that matters is how gracefully you finish this game. This Grace will only come with self-love, Self-care and a lot of self-pampering!


Here are some things you can try to Feed your soul:

  1. Write Down About Whatever Is Stressing you, if that does not feel good share with a friend, partner or mail it to me. Go anonymous, I am always here for you.
  2. Meditate! Not the splits or supernatural body folding. (To be honest, it freaks me out when people do that, how is that even humanly possible?) But give 15 mins to your mind to wander wherever he wants to. Do not stop it, just let it be, be you!
  3. Get a massage! Loosen up that muscle darling, lighten your shoulders, You more than deserve it!
  4. Get a bubble bath! Or just a 1-hour long bath… Whatever you like, but allow the water to wash away those stress marks on your forehead!
  5. Make yourself some delicious coffee (or tea, but really, tea? who drinks that), but even if it is tea, I am still gonna support you, Because that’s what friends are supposed to do.



!!! TAKE A BREAK !!!

Its okay to pause, take few deep breath and smile. And darling, you are beautiful when you do that!


  • Dharti Shethiya!

2 thoughts on “#1 Food for brain and Wine for heart!

  1. Immense depth and maturity, the color of henna coming thru after being ground. The thoughts expressed here are a part of everyone’s life and the words are strung together to make music…


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